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    Thread: FS: 2012 GLI Autobahn Modded (SoCal)

    1. Member 2009RoutanSE's Avatar
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      Feb 24th, 2010
      2007 Civic Si, 2009 Routan, 2011 S4, 2012 GLI
      09-27-2012 12:35 PM #1
      Will be moving to Oahu Hawaii in 5-6 months and will not be taking my car with me, and my car will not benefit my family using it since it is manual. If it does not sell, its okay, I will trade it in for a hybrid to better help my family. Just thought of advertising it out there for your guys.

      Leased this car back in March 2012. 4 Year lease with 15k miles a year.

      I fell in love with this car and made up my mind that I will buy it and my mod bug disease kicked in and spent thousands of dollars modding it. I do baby this car and I dont push it when driving.

      Spent a lot of time and effort modding this car to make it work. Especially the "HellaFlush" look.

      Here are the list of mods.

      -Raceland Ultimo Coilovers (still have OEM Suspension)
      -215/35/19 Falken 452s
      -19x9 ET35 ASA GT5 Powder Coated Matte Black (from Previous Owner)
      -VW Center Caps (threw away the ASA ones, didnt like them)
      -VW Valve Caps

      -Euro Switch
      -Zizza City Lights
      -3k USP HID Fogs
      -6k HID Head Lights
      -LED Interior Lights (switched out all of them)

      -300mm Broadway Mirror
      -Sticker Bombed side panels, sound system face, passenger panel (protected with clear film for stickers to not get faded)

      -Yakima Roof rack (Q-Clips, fairer, 2 bike mounts, 1 wheel fork)
      -3M 35% Front/ 20% Back Tint
      -eBay Clear Bra
      -Yellow Lamin-X Film for Fog Lights
      -Black eBay Spoiler
      -Front Reloated License Plate

      -Custom Exhaust (clean sound, sounds like a WRX, but its not loud, has that muffled sound to it like a WRX)
      -Forge DV Spacer

      Car has alignment already

      Stickerbomed Interior



      Mileage: 12,000
      Price: $25,698.32

      Current Lease Payments: $367.69 @ 4 Years w/ 15k miles a year

      Location: 909/626 Area

      Got this car from McKenna Dealership at Cerritos.

      If it doesnt sell, then its okay as I mentioned before I will just use it as a trade in vehicle, Just wanted to give those car enthusiast out there a chance to see if they are interested in it

    2. Member
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      Sep 11th, 2012
      Grayslake, IL
      MKVI 2.5L
      09-29-2012 12:48 AM #2
      Wow, i just saw your thread about moving to hawaii....and now here. that GLI is gorgeous.

    3. Junior Member
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      Jan 19th, 2010
      2013 Jetta Gli Autobahn
      11-06-2012 09:40 AM #3
      what mirrors do you have, did you just wrap them?

    4. 02-01-2013 02:58 PM #4
      Bump. Nice looking MK6

    5. Member goforit2007's Avatar
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      Mar 22nd, 2007
      IL (Chicagoland)
      2012 4dr Base Rising Blue Golf R
      02-06-2013 08:51 AM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by Audisline20t View Post
      what mirrors do you have, did you just wrap them?
      kinda looks like he swapped with someone who had a golf R.. lol
      -2012 Rising Blue Base 4dr 2012 R (current daily driver!)
      -2012 Jetta GLI (his daily - yes I'm a girl)

      -1994 Sentra SE-R (PTE track beast)
      -1995 Infiniti G20 (NASA PTF/TTF track rat) and 2012 NASA Nationals PTF Champion!

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