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    Thread: FS: NY The E30 GTR $30,000 (check it out at H2Oi)

    1. 09-27-2012 05:04 PM #1
      I think I'm gonna make the drive to H20i.


      There is a good chance you already know this car.

      It's expensive. But it's 66% of what I've got into it.

      I made an ebay auction that has more info: (no links on the forum, so you can search for it... pasted ad info below)

      I have a blog that has EVEN MORE info: E30GTR-BUILD HOME

      Here's a picture of the car:

      Here's another:

      A fair amount of info, specifically about the current status of the car can be found on the EBAY LINK

      If you think the price is too high, that's fine. But that's less than what it's worth to me.

      __________________________________________________ ______________

      Without getting too wordy, I'm considering selling my 1987 BMW car that I pretty much built from scratch. It took 4 years to build by myself (mechanical engineer). No expense was spared. The reason I am selling it is simply disinterest. Right about the time I completed the project I started BASE jumping and my interest in cars just fell off. (buy it now before I die)

      About the car.
      There is a whole blog about the buildup of the car which can be found here: http://newman.onyxsyndicate.com/e30gtr/e30gtr_00.htm
      The car was featured on Jalopnik.com as well as in print from S3 magazine (I have some copies if you want them)
      No expense was spared. I have about $45,000 invested in the car, really... plus 4 years of my time.
      The car saw 500hp/400ft-lb on a MUSTANG dyno.

      Almost every step of the build process was documented in the blog. If you have a question, it's probably answered in there. If you have a specific question, drop me a message.

      Here's a list of what it's built from, there are probably even more things that I am forgetting on here...

      • 1987 BMW 325IS (manual)
      •Seam Welded
      •Vito Antonicelli 10 Point Cage
      •Every suspension member powdercoated


      •Ireland Engineering Fender flares
      •OEM Mtech1 Valences and Sideskirts, shaved lines
      •Euro Bumpers, Dechromed
      •EurostopUSA CF Hood
      •EurostopUSA MTech1 CF wing
      •Shaved Side Moldings
      •Shaved Fuel Door
      •Shaved Sunroof
      •Custom baby puke paint
      •Newman Engine Mount
      •Newman Transmission Mount
      •Custom Tunnel/closeoff
      •CF firewall closeoff
      •Custom 5052AL Front Splitter
      •Smoked Euro Smileys
      •Euro Grills


      •R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R RB26DETT
      •87mm bore/3 angle valve job
      •Wiseco 87mm Pistons
      •Eagle Rods
      •HPE Crank collar
      •ARP head studs
      •ARP Flywheel Bolts
      •ARP Exhaust manifold studs
      •EPP valve guides
      •Ferrea Dual valve springs
      •Ferrea Valve spring locators
      •Ferrea Retainers
      •Ferrea Locks
      •ACL Calico coated main and rod race bearings
      •Garrett GT35R .82 A/R
      •Spitfire Coilpacks
      •New OEM Water Pump
      •New OEM Oil Pump
      •Trust Timing Belt
      •Powdercoated valve covers
      •OEM gasket kit
      •Cometic MLS Head gasket
      •Polished alternator
      •ATI 1000HP Race Damper
      •Custom valve shims
      •GTC Racing CF spark plug cover
      •Lokar black throttle cable
      •Steph's Baffled Oil catch can
      •Trust metal intake gaskets


      •Modified RB26DETT Transmission
      •Nismo Flywheel
      •EXEDY 3 puck clutch
      •Drive Shaft Shop Driveshaft
      •E30 M3 LSD 4.11


      •Bosch -044 800HP fuel pump
      •Seimens 870cc injectors, flow calibrated to w/in .5% of each other
      •Summit 8 Gallon Fuel Cell
      •Custom Fuel Cell hold down straps
      •Custom Fuel Rail
      •Braided -8AN Fuel inlet line
      •Braided -8AN Fuel feed line
      •Braided -8AN Fuel return line
      •Aeromotive Rising rate regulator
      •Summit Inline fuel Filter
      •Custom filter and pump mounting brackets
      •Summit fuel level sending unit


      •Newman 304SS heavy wall manifold
      •Newman 304SS exhaust, dual vband, dual flex section
      •Tial 38mm wastegate
      •Custom Manifold Bracing
      •Moroso exhaust check valve
      •Vibrant E-Vac crankcase scavenging setup


      •Newman 2.5" 304SS IC Plumbing
      •PWR 24X11X3 IC core semi-custom endtanks
      •Tial 50MM BOV


      •MOXIES/Newman Radiator
      •Newman catch can
      •Newman Surge tank
      •Flex-a-lite 12" Electric fan


      •Vipec Speed Density Engine Management
      •AEM UEGO controller
      •Racetech Dash2
      •HKS Turbo Timer
      •New Engine Harness
      •Kwikwire Chassis harness
      •(4) Greddy warning gauges (Boost, EGT, Oil, Fuel)
      •JVC Head unit
      •Blaupunkt T-Line 5.25" Rear Speakers
      •Powerbass 6.5" Front speakers in costom enclosures
      •XTC Speaker baffles
      •DTM 35W 6000K HIDS hi & lo
      •LED Parking lights/License plate lights


      •Ireland Engineering road race springs
      •Ireland Engineering poly trailing arm bushings
      •Ireland Engineering Poly Subframe mounts
      •Ireland Engineering 22/25mm swaybars
      •Ireland Engineering Camber/rear toe kit
      •Bilstein HD Dampers
      •New OEM wheel bearings
      •New OEM F&R strut mounts


      •Work VS-XX wheels (17X10, 17X8.5) Custom Offset
      •Falken Azenis RT-615 275/40/17, 235/40/17
      •Vorshlag 90mm wheel studs


      •Status Ring Seats
      •Takata Harnesses
      •Sparco 300mm steering wheel
      •NRG Quick release hub
      •Rhinoliner interior and trunk
      •Performance-Trim CF door panels
      •Performance-Trim CF rear panels
      •Custom instrument mounting panels
      •Custom window winder cranks
      •Custom Hello Kitty shift knob
      •Yashio Factory shift knob
      •Cruise Shift knob
      •NFG Shift knob
      •Jewknob Shift knob
      •Custom GTR shift knob
      •HK Horn button
      •Custom CF dash closeoff
      •Custom striped carpet
      •E30GTR and XXX custom pedals
      •Massive dead pedal


      •Wilwood billet forged superlite narrow body, differential bore 6 piston calipers (front)
      •Wilwood superlite 4 piston caliper (rear)
      •Wilwood 13X1.1 GT48 rotor (front)
      •Wilwood 11.75X1.25 HD rotor (rear)
      •Cutsom machined rotor hats and brackets
      •Massive rear hat, ebrake ring and bracket
      •Wilwood Q pads
      •New OEM ebrake setup (backing plate, springs, adjusters, cables, pads, actuator, pin)
      •Wilwood Prop valve (installed next to driver’s seat)
      •Custom Fit Integra GSR 10" Brake Booster
      •Polished Integra GSR 1" Master cylinder
      •-4AN stainless brake hardlines
      •-4AN stainless braided brake hoses

      The car always draws TONS of spectators, controversy, praise, whatever.

      The good:
      All that stuff ^up there^
      One of a kind... show me another.
      The car is basically brand new. EVERYTHING has been replaced or refurbished. Motor, chassis, suspension, interior.
      It's fast (boost is set around 400 whp)
      It's awesome

      The bad:
      The paint job may not be everyone's taste. It's a strange color. In sunlight it looks gold. In the evening or in artificial light it looks gold. I'm not going to try to explain why this happens. There are a few small imperfections in the paint. The front fenders don't match perfectly, either.
      The turbo burns a TINY bit of oil. I attribute this to running antilag on the car when I first tuned it. That's pretty rough on turbos.
      (maybe good?) It's practically a race car. Solid engine mounts, cage, race buckets. You know the drill.
      The windows tend to roll themselves down. (I modified the power window tracks instead of buying OEM manual windows)
      The clutch does slip some under WOT. I would be willing to install a new one. We can talk about that if you're seriously interested.

      Look at the blog or email me for more info.

      Again, there are TONS of pictures on the blog, but here are a few (these are linked from facebook, so if they don't work, let me know)

    2. 10-01-2012 09:47 AM #2
      Drove 1200 miles, 18 hours round trip in this thing to H2Oi over the weekend. Had wayyyyy too much fun... NOT FOR SALE.

      Also... LOL at the HATE HATE HATE on the Jalopnik post!


    3. Member Br1zzy's Avatar
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      Jun 29th, 2003
      '07 Spec.B, '88 FZR750, '97 Exploder
      10-01-2012 01:07 PM #3
      Glad you changed your mind, haha. Saw it first at Blown Euros a few years ago and got a good look at it. Badass dude.
      Quote Originally Posted by emmettlodge View Post
      We should get together on the highway some time and try to out-troll each other.

      *cut scene*...
      The two of us, stopped in the left lane, flashing lights and spraying washer fluid at each other.

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