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    Thread: Mating a 42DD downpipe to a milltek cat back

    1. 09-28-2012 09:18 AM #1
      Has anyone done this before? I really don't want to spend $900 in the milltek downpipe but want a quiet free flowing exhaust. Will a regular muffler shop be able to do this with only minor work? I don't want to hack either part up...


    2. 09-28-2012 11:10 AM #2
      What kind of flange does the cat-back have, if any? Or is it just a raw cut?

      Cheapest option would be to use a sleeve clamp and cut off the flange(s), but definitely not the best.

      Going all out, you would need to either add or replace whatever is on the cat-back side to a flange that matches the DP. Should not cost more than $50 to buy the flange and have someone weld it on for you, provided you bring the piece off the car alright marked for placement.
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    3. 09-28-2012 12:13 PM #3
      I'm not sure about the flanges as I haven't purchased or seen them yet. There is a $500 cost difference between the 42dd and the Milltek. I'm just trying to save some money and I think the 42dd is a good product. I would buy their whole system but I think it would be too loud for my taste.

      Is it safe to assume that both down pipes are going to end in the same location? If so I don't see it costing more than $50-$100 to get them together. But I could be wrong...what do u think?

    4. 09-28-2012 01:02 PM #4
      Sorry - I meant it should not cost more than $50.

      Why not just get an ebay downpipe? Cheap and works.

    5. 09-28-2012 04:27 PM #5
      Idk maybe I will. I just didn't trust it. I'll research it more I guess... Thanks for the input.

    6. Member Vwnitrous16v's Avatar
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      Apr 20th, 2003
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      10-01-2012 10:29 PM #6
      my dp broke, and i replaced it with an ebay one. im happy with it, i cut it up to put a 3in cat into it also off ebay for dirt cheep, no cel and free flowing for less then 200$

    7. 10-02-2012 08:11 PM #7
      I have a 3in 42DD DP to a Milltek 2.5in resonated catback......42DD provided me with all necessary hardware to bolt to the Milltek.

      it is not loud at will LOVE the sound!!

    8. Former Advertiser
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      Oct 7th, 2011
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      10-03-2012 10:11 AM #8
      Roc-Euro has all the equipment in house to make custom stainless and clamp-able adaptors. They're in my neck of the woods and I utilize them alll the time for that sort of thing.

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