Hello all

So I'm sure someone has posted this before, and yes I searched. Believe me... I've searched. But pictures get deleted, posts get posted into posts and end up being so old that I can't figure out any information that I need.

I should also add I'm pretty new. I know enough to get by, am I quick learner, but I just need some more help/info

SO. What I have is a 9a 2.0 16v from a b3 passat. But all I have is the engine. Block, head, intake manifold, and a few other loose ends, etc.

The car it's going into is a 84 rabbit GTI.
1.8l 8v with CIS. You get the picture.

What I need to know is, what can I use from my existing bay/engine, what am I going to need to get? This is just to get it running NA

Then in would like to know what I need to get/do to turbo the motor. Besides the turbo, intercooler, piping, wastegate, distributor valve, yada yada.

My hope would be to turbo it off the bat, cause I realize there are some things I most likely have to do to the engine to allow it to handle boost.

One thing to add is I am considering megasquirt as a stand alone, but it scares me to death.

What are some other options?

I'm not technically on a budget, but I don't want to spend a fortune on it.

Pictures are great for me, and any help is appreciated. I've gotten a lot of good help from fellow vortexers thus far, so I hope to have more.