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Can we get an understanding of what a Unicorn is, by the way?

A unicorn, to me, is a car that means something to you, is very special/rare/hard to find, and every time you try to buy/find/obtain one, you come up empty.

My 1991 Taurus SHO is a unicorn, because its a rare model thats hard to find in good condition, and is something I have wanted since before I had a drivers license.

An XJ220, while insanely rare and cool (despite being at a car show) is not what I would call a unicorn.
I would think then that all of my collector cars would be considered "Unicorns". Maybe not my '77 Town Car or '88 750iL as I've seen a few around.

My '41 Ford pick-up, stock as new, would be another unicorn, as I've only see two others that weren't hot-rodded, in some form or fashion.