hey guys i used to be on here all the time for my 1.8t jetta (SOLD ) then bought an e46 M3 (current) and picked up an e36 for a "winter beater" which my brother totaled and i replaced with another e36.... then got the corrado.... i always loved the corrado when i was a VW owner... not i finnaly got one, in good condition! the car came with some mods: HID balasts and bulbs, air filter, and suspension (never heard of the name of them and the tt wheels are rubbing in the rear :/ will be replaced). since i got it i did tt rims, and just got a full 2.5 exhaust which will go on this week... i still have to replace the suspension and roll the fenders but also am looking to do: front control arms with polly mounts and new ball joints, rear sway bar, strut tower bar, chip, GLI/TT brake upgrade, and after much research maybe a VR-T... anyway, i just wanted to say its nice to be back and look forward to advice and the DIYs this great forum has to offer! Pics of past and present