So after Replacing my headgasket and re timing it and a full tune up before hand I am now having starting problems in my 83 rabbit. After I got the thing finally put back together I started her up just fine. Had a vacuum leak so it would die. Fixed that and then it started to have starting problems. I would have to pump the gas pedal if not hold it down during a start to get it going. I felt a little shake in my engine that I thought was a misfire. Did the spark plug wire test and it wasent firing in 1 or 2. So yeah I was running on two cylinders. I pulled the injectors. Did an injector test by pulling the fuel dizzy and they didnt spray. Soaked them over night and then also cleaned the lines attached to them. Spraying throttle body cleaning down them they sprayed through the lines but with the injectors on they wouldnt. I hooked the lines back up with out the injectos on them and did the plunger test and they leaked a bit of gas but not much. Put the injectors back on and nothing again... :/ So now what could be the issue? is the fuel dizzy need to be replaced? Please Help thanks.