This might be better on the Audi side but will try here first, question is that I need to know the make, model and year of a 24mm MC from an Audi that does not use anti-lock . And I'm guessing at the size of the master cylinder for my brake project that is getting done in two stages (front then rear)
What I have is Nissan 300ZX twin turbo front calipers mounted. (see pic)
Removed the Brake booster so I'll be running dirrect pedal to MC
1st Stage is sizing the MC for just the fronts
2nd will be for the fronts then the rear (GTI or Scirocco rear brake assemblies added later)

Any info on something done simular would be greatly appreciated.

cheers all.

Oh, added some pics on my progress as however this turns out good/bad.... to answer a question that may come up, I need the engine bay room for my engine install project thus removing brake booster and battery


cut the MC side for mounting studs only

cut the firewall side for the mounting plate

Remove the studs, the base of the studs need to be ground (see below)

discard everything but be sure to keep the shaft/spring/washer and part of the rubber seal(not shown)[IMG][/IMG]

The shaft needed[IMG][/IMG]

the MC mounting plate completed, use the circular plate (above pic) with the 2 studs removed as a guide when drilling into the new MC base plate, grind the two loose stud backings so it sits flush in the groove and tack weld.[IMG][/IMG]

better angle of the MC mounting side[IMG][/IMG]

last angle of completed base [IMG][/IMG]

This is as far as I've gotten, if need be I can continue on pics and progress but not sure if this has been posted before... and my main question on MC sizing