*also posted in forced induction forum but most people there dont care about 2L's. *

car is a 2.0 aeg motor. my rotomaster t3t4 50 trim .48a/r is starting to billow smoke with about 60k miles on the setup. Im looking to upgrade but stay similar. Im far from rich but want somewhat of a step up. contemplating the precison 3231e which is the same size inlets and outlets as what i have but will probably go with the .63 housing. I know a lot of people are running precision turbos but have not seen anyone mention this particular one. As far as power goals, i am happy with what i have, but a few more ponies would be cool too. Any other recomendations for a turbo in this size other the precision? thank you for reading and for any advice.

turbo in question http://www.precisionturbo.net/turboc...ger---3231E/57