Mainstream C-segment and D-segment car rankings (I'll let somebody else do the other segments...):

Camry 34,252
Accord 29,182
Altima 24,448
Sonata 17,332
Optima 14,304
Fusion 12,300
Malibu 11,188
200 9,881
Passat 9,500
Avenger 8,716
Legacy 4,124
6 1,403

Cruze 25,787
Corolla/Matrix 23,026
Civic 21,546
Focus 19,736
Elantra 18,305
Jetta 14,750
3 14,031
Sentra 9,345
Forte 6,912
Impreza 6,071 (incl. WRX)
Dart 5,235

Cruze had its second blockbuster month in a row. Malibu not so much...I'll give it through the end of the calendar year before I'm ready to use the "F" word. The Fusion is in the middle of the 2012/13 changeover, so this month's number probably means nothing for the long term.

The Dart is still struggling...I'll give Chrysler some slack there, because they were starting from zero, rather than replacing an existing, successful model. Part of the problem may also be that the Avenger is a screaming deal right now. People may be going in to look at a Dart, seeing that the Avenger is actually cheaper, and buying that instead.

-Andrew L