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    Thread: September 2012 sales thread

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      10-04-2012 11:15 PM #71
      Quote Originally Posted by whitejeep1989 View Post
      It seems like the public is definitely willing to vote for GM with their wallets. A lot of their segment competitive cars are far from being inexpensive, so GM isn't selling on low base price. This gives me hope for the Omega flagship(s) from Caddy. If the XTS can vault so close to the front of it's segment, a proper Caddy flagship should have no trouble keeping up with the S-Class and 7-Series.
      No joke there. A healthy percentage of GM's cars have volume toward the top of their classes while at the same time commanding toward the top of their classes' average price. The Cruze is a good example. I've heard it is consistently sold at higher price levels than many competitors, and at the same time it gets close to highest volume.

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      Sales of Japanese cars plunge in China following tensions, unrest, and protests:

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      Quote Originally Posted by 1985Jetta View Post
      Not surprised about the 200 but the Avenger yes, I am surprised.
      Quote Originally Posted by rimtrim View Post
      They have a high fleet percent, but I think they're now doing decent retail too. They key is they're such a great deal. A basic Avenger (decently equipped) is under $20K on the sticker. A V6 is like $23K. You can't get a V6 anything else for anywhere near that cheap.
      Last year, 38% of sales of the 200 was to fleet and 66.2% for the Avenger.

      Quote Originally Posted by Hajduk View Post
      My how things have changed with this class. I remember when the Lexus would dominate. The 7- series has tanked too.
      I wouldn't rely on one month of sales data since sales can vary quite widely month to month.

      The 7 Series did nearly 1k units in Jan. and over 1k in Feb., March, May and July with July being 1,696 (the month of the infamous inflating of sales by BMW).

      Quote Originally Posted by locobaz23 View Post
      What percentage of C class sales are from fleet? Every time I'm at the rental counter, I'm offered an upgrade to the Class. I've never seen a 3 series at a national rental chain.
      7.1% for the C Class in 2011; the 3 Series is around 2% fleet.
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