Hey folks,

With regards to the thread "Anyone have luck with aftermarket speedo/odo combo?" on the Fox Forum, I am shipping up VSS units from the later brazilian Gol models, for those who would like to try them out with newer VW clusters or aftermarket speedometers.

The electrical plug seems to be the same as the one that attaches to the potentiometer on the fuel distributor, and the one that attaches to the ignition distributor also perhaps. So the plug can be easily found at a JY either from a Fox or another VW.

Each VSS unit is being sold for $30, and shipping costs are explained below:

I can combine shipping with Shifter linkage bushings and there would be no change in shipping cost up to three units (between sensors or bushings sets)

Tracking information:

Every shipment option offered includes a point-by-point tracking code, which can be used to track your shipment on the Brazilian postal service website ( www.correios.com.br/eng ) until the time the item leaves Brazil, and then if being shipped to the US, the same code can be used on www.usps.com to track the package from the time it enters the US until it is delivered to you. When shipping to Canada, tracking beyond when the item leaves Brazil is only available through Expedited shipping.

I take paypal; PM for details