Considering the not-very-popular Glacier Blue on a new Passat V6. I liked it at first, and to me it seems stronger in person than in photos. I think it'd look good dirty, similar to a silver. Not a popular color though FWIW. The color reminds me of a color seen on '60's Chevys, it's a nice icy blue metallic. It'd stand out in today's sea of gray / silver / white cars I think.

But some colors just seem to do better on certain body styles. On the Passat's conservatively styled body, I almost get a senior citizen vibe off of the color, or maybe it's just too wimpy of a blue. Like maybe it'd look much better on a smaller hatchback?

Why do people not seem to like this color? Too girly for most dudes?

My other choice is the far more popular Tungsten Silver. Looks classy and looks good dirty. Seems to bring out the shapes in the bodywork nicely. Silver is the new beige though, and Silver / Gray cars are rather boring I suppose. Thoughts on these two?