I've been getting a lot of rain recently, and twice I've gotten in the B6 to a completely soaked floor on the passenger side, and water dripping from the sun visor clips on the driver side. Pretty PO'ed.

I'm not 100% sure if it's the OEM sunroof visor, or the aftermarket windshield the previous owner put in. The seals are kind of fugly. Has anyone had a windshield cause leaks like this, or is it more likely the visor?

C-c-c-combo thread:

Also, a while ago I had the tint removed because it was bubbling in the rear. The place I went to scratched up all of the glass, and destroyed the rear window defroster. It's been over a year, so I'm not interested in retaliating against the shop. Has anyone had an experience like this? I feel like I'm going to need to take the door cards off the clean the rest of the adhesive off, and replace the rear glass to get my defroster back; additionally I don't want to pay to have the rear window tinted as I'm sure it will bubble fast with the damage, and I'd have to re-do later after I replace it.