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    Thread: tips on removing throttle cable

    1. Member
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      May 16th, 2004
      1986 16v Rocco
      10-02-2012 01:32 PM #1
      any tips on removing the throttle cable
      can't seem to get it out of the firewall
      its disconnected from the pedal and TB

      is it easier to try to remove it from the inside or from the outside and any tool you recommend
      mine is original so its been there for ever and probably glued in with dirt

    2. Member California Special's Avatar
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      Dec 15th, 2005
      Garden Grove,CA
      83 Scirocco Cal Special, 69 Corvette
      10-02-2012 11:41 PM #2
      It must pulled out from the engine bay area. I know what you mean as my first one was "dirt glued" as yours is. Some penetrating oil might help a bit. Squirt some in from both sides. There is a larger 2 inch rubber grommet that stays in the firewall and the 1 inch plastic end part of the throttle cable should pull out of the rubber grommet. You can have someone help by getting under the dash and help push out the plastic part of the cable that just sticks through the firewall with a large flatnose screwdriver. While someone pulls and twists from the engine bay side. Something so simple can really be a pita when it's been in there forever. Just gotta break that time glued seal and it's cake then. Also, in the interior you may have a couple of sound deadening material types to cut through and or pull back to see the plastic end piece of the throttle cable that just barely sticks through the firewall.

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