I have a 2012 Jetta 2.5 for 4 weeks, and just passed the 1,000 KM mark (not miles). I turned off my car and the radio turned off like usual. I then turned the radio back on with the key still in the ignition and was reading an email when all of a sudden I heard an electrical clicking for around 10 seconds (sounded like it was coming from beside the turn signal stick) and all the lights on the dashboard turned on and then powered out for a quick second including the radio and then back on and then back to normal with just the radio on. I think 2 "check" lights stayed on but I can't remember. One might have been the check engine indicator. I turned the car on and it was fine.

I know VW's have electrical problems. Was this some sort of fluke or should i be concerned as I never experienced such a thing with any of my Toyota's.