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    Thread: 02M 6spd with mini twin problem

    1. Member DISTURBO's Avatar
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      Apr 14th, 2003
      01 awd gti
      10-02-2012 05:24 PM #1
      So Im using a Spec mini twin this year in my awd mk4 Gti and its not going into gear if I rev the car passed 7500. Only happens 1st to 2nd gear after I leave on the 2 step. I have to wait for the revs to drop so I cant shift into gear. It feels like theres nothing there. No grinds at all. Any one else with this problem?
      01 Gti awd with 2L 20v 11.4@124
      98 Gti awd Vr6 Gt 40

    2. Member scirocconaut's Avatar
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      Oct 7th, 2011
      7000feet above sea level
      1979 16v mk1 scirocco, 1978 scirocco race car (16vt build )
      10-07-2012 11:33 AM #2
      You might have some sort of hard transmission part on its way out
      Any noise when shifting?

      Spec clutches are ok, for a temporary throw away
      I've seen them damage input splines and seen the rivets brake away from the discs

      I replaced mine with one when it burned up, I've put about 6k miles on a spec
      210mm 6 puck Kevlar stage 3 and lightened pressure plate and lightened flywheel

      Lots of ass hauling mountain climbing and abusing it

      I'm looking into getting an act clutch, it seems if you don't rebuild your transmission.
      A little your looking for trouble, I changed my pushrod ,throw out bearing, seals ,
      And more stuff

      Definitely shop around and have one ready for when it goes out completely

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