Hey there,

My wife just got a 2011 2.5L Golf a few months back and i was throwing a stereo into it the other day, and it came out real nice (pictures below) - im a professional at this stuff, but not a pro vw mechanic.

i did two things, i unplugged the battery for a little while, and i took off the trim for the raido and the piece below it where the passenger airbag light info is.

after i put it back together (i used all my own wiring, the only thing i tapped was the speaker wires after the raido) and now i have an airbag warning.

my wife found a little reset trick, turn the key to ignition, hold down the button to the right of the guage cluster that looks like two squares, within 20 seconds press the button to the left of the guage cluster, and turn the ignition off - or something real close to that. we tried it, and the light goes out for a few seconds and comes right back.

we need to get the inspection re-done and we will not pass with the airbag light on. the car has only like 10,000 miles on it and i called the VW dealership thats local to me (checkered flag in virgina beach) and maybe we can have them hook up to their VCDS\VAGCOM and reset the warning?

does anyone have any ideas?