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    Thread: My new Scirocco

    1. 10-03-2012 10:07 AM #1
      Picking up a grey mk2 Scirocco. Pretty mint other than fading hood, and 2 small dash cracks interior wise!

      Only issue is its not running. Owner said most likely fuel related. Has the 8v kjet. 5 SP

      Does mk1 rabbit suspension and bumpers swap over? I want to get it on coilovers and wheels, and swap over small bumpers to really make it look better.

      I want to make it simple, clean and a daily. No real interest in making it super quick. Would a carb conversion be dumb? Kjet is bombproof from what I have heard.

    2. Member sciroccohal's Avatar
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      10-03-2012 10:19 AM #2
      Post a pic rule #1.

      Carbs are not a good idea. You have the finest fuel injection system designed by man...good for 40 years of driving...easily. Learn it.

      Rabbit bumpers won't fit. But all M1 and 1.5 suspensions will.

      IMHO coil-overs are a waste of money on a daily. You only have 4.5" of suspension travel to begin with.

      Save your money for the important stuff....like getting it running perfectly and reliably.
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      10-03-2012 11:54 AM #3
      pfft carb conversions are fun

      Build thread
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