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    Thread: P0011 and P0171 After clearing P0411 and P0111

    1. 10-03-2012 11:27 PM #1
      So, the full breakdown. Had on and off again 0411. Then suddenly, 0111 came up and that one stayed after i changed my air filter (never had a newer car. Everything previous to this was 1979 or earlier) didn't know i needed to reset ECU... Hence the 0111...

      Put a cold air intake on. Reset ECU. No 0111!!! Spent the whole day, replaced EVERY hose connected to the SAI system. Cleaned out my combi valve (was stuck) with degreaser and sea foam. Tada! no more 0411...

      Now though, both of these problems are gone. I now have these two lovely codes spring right up. Anything that can cause both of these at the same time? Any suggestions? Or find someone w/ a Vag-Com and get it checked? Car runs great, sounds great, awesome power still... Maybe a slight vibration when in idle, but... Only when cold and not much of a vibration at all.

    2. 10-05-2012 02:53 AM #2
      So, noone has any ideas? Didn't know if maybe timing belt would cause both problems? Or would that be a different code as well? Or does the combi valve need a gasket? (didn't have one) and it ports directly into the head. Didn't know if that might have something to do with it.

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