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    Thread: Intermittent wiper speed adjustment

    1. n00b
      Join Date
      Sep 13th, 2012
      Northern Virginia
      2010 CC
      10-03-2012 10:48 PM #1
      Anyone figure out any coding tweaks to help slow down wiper speed when in the intermittent position? I have a 2010 CC and the wipers seem to be influenced not just by the rain sensor but also the speed of the car. It's a little distracting to have the wipers going full speed in a light mist while you're going 50 mph. Any help would be appreciated.
      2010 Black CC Sport. VWR drop in filter. VAGCOM mods.

    2. n00b
      Join Date
      Jun 8th, 2013
      2006 Audi A6
      06-08-2013 02:00 PM #2
      I would like to know this too!

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