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    Thread: B6 Passat Wagon: STUCK VALVE - 62K Miles

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      Apr 21st, 2012
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      10-04-2012 01:08 AM #1
      In early August, my mom's 2009 Passat Wagon threw its first CEL at 62,000 miles. It flashed at start up and then stayed solid. The idle was quite rough too, so I ran the code and it was a Cylinder 2 misfire. I figured it might be a spark plug so I went ahead and changed them because it was time anyway. No luck, as the cleared CEL came back on and the idle was still rough. Next, I swapped ignition coils 1 and 2 to see if the misfire switched to Cylinder 1 to confirm it was the ignition coil. Nope, still Cylinder 2. Out of ideas, I took it to the dealership and they found that it has a stuck 2nd valve. At 62,000 miles? Really? They quoted just over $1,000 to fix it with their walnut blaster, but we passed. The service writer suggested using Techron Fuel System Cleaner for a couple fill ups to see if that will fix the valve. Obviously, it didn't work and its been almost 2 months since the Passat developed this problem.

      My questions are, is this common for TSI's? Is there any other way to fix this than with a walnut blaster? If no, what should we expect to pay?

      If the answer is $1,000, consider this a feeler because we will just want to sell it.

      FYI: We are the original owners, the oil has been changed every 10K miles with full synthetic and we always use 93 octane fuel.

    2. 10-07-2012 11:47 PM #2
      I'm not quite sure what exactly your dealer is going to do with a walnut blaster... I've never heard of blasting a cylinder head with anything, for anything. May want to have somebody else take a look at it?

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