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    Thread: OMG! C&D puts vigorouszx render in 2015 mustang feature by mistake!!!

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    1. Banned roadtripper's Avatar
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      Oct 22nd, 2003
      10-04-2012 01:00 PM #1
      just opened my new car and driver to page 18; wowzers, she's a beaut. couple of weird flyaway edges, sure, but a real looker. instead of a 300z with 458 italia cues, this one appears to be genesis coupe based with a few brz/fr-s (and viper and aston) influences mached upon it.

      [photo credit: Mazda 3s. thanks!]

      is this the new mustang? not bad!

      car and driver says it will be a 50th birthday present to the day, and calls it Ford's "oldest continuously produced nameplate;" that it "could be the most radical mustang since the first one," and that "its sheetmetal wrapper may concern loyalists."

      what say you, oh wise ones?
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