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    Thread: Fuel filter replacement

    1. 10-04-2012 06:11 PM #1
      Is there a special tool that is needed to remove the fuel lines from the fuel filter on an 09 EOS with the TSI 2.0L CCT engine? I've searched and haven't found any info for the EOS fuel lines. Some of the other VW models have a release button that you push in but I don't see that on mine. Do these lines release with a tool like you use on A/C lines? Thanks for your help.

    2. Member BostonB6's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2005
      2013 BMW E93 328i / 2012 Edge
      10-05-2012 09:30 AM #2
      Here's a how to for the MKV. I assume the EOS would be similar. No special tools indicated but be aware that VW's use high pressure fuel lines and you could get some gasoline spray when you disconnect the lines. As the DIY indicates, wear goggles & gloves and be very careful not to destroy the fuel line by forcing it. I've had gasoline in my eyes and it's no fun.

    3. 10-05-2012 05:21 PM #3
      Thanks BostonB6!

      I had read similar write ups but didn't think that mine had the buttons you're talking about. Just looked again and now I see them. Should be no problem. I've also read that you can pull the fuse for the fuel pump, start the engine and let it run till it dies to relieve the pressure on the lines. Anyone know if that will set any codes that will need to be cleared? Not sure which fuse it is either as the owners manual doesn't list it and the Bentley manual that I've ordered hasn't arrived yet.

      As you can tell I'm newbee on this EOS and am feeling my way along so I don't mess anything up. I'm working on the 40,000 mile service and have got the oil changed and the DSG oil and filter changed without problems. Waiting on delivery of the fuel filter, air filter, brake fluid and other items to complete everything else but don't expect to have any other issues, just wasn't sure about how the fuel lines came off. Thanks for your help!

    4. Member BostonB6's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2005
      2013 BMW E93 328i / 2012 Edge
      10-09-2012 11:07 AM #4
      Personally, I would not let the engine run dry by pulling the fuse. I don't like the idea of letting a direct injection engine run out of fuel.

    5. 10-20-2012 05:55 PM #5
      I just posted over in the technical forum but the same applies here:

      1. Jack the vehicle up high before you put it on the jackstand, you need the room.
      2. The two rear fuel lines do come off fairly easily, keep in mind that the nipple doesn't have a ridge on it, you have to press on the release until the fuel line is entirely free.
      3. I only had drips, no sprays and I had used the Eos recently, probably two ounces of gas altogether.
      4. The front fuel line is a PITA. I found that channel locks set to 9/16ths opening worked. The trick is to release the fuel line without crushing the plastic end. With the channel locks set at 9/16ths the release was pushed down and I could use the pliers to work the fuel line off. Not hard to do but a tight corner to work in.

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