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    Thread: Will I Ever Be Able To Go Back To a "Normal" Naturally Aspirated Engine?

    1. Member flytech78's Avatar
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      Nov 25th, 2003
      Dallas TX
      94 850csi, 92 miata, 2005 volvo v50t5 ,84 1.9tdi gti
      10-04-2012 08:36 PM #26
      My 964 feels like a turbo in many ways as in the power bad really jumps when i get into the 5k's. When i jam on it in the 3,4's and the rpm's rise to around 5 there is a big acceleration sensation that reminds me of the spooled up turbo feel. I have to be careful on wet days because it can get out from under me.
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    2. 10-04-2012 08:37 PM #27
      I decided I needed both

    3. Member
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      Dec 6th, 2002
      Oak Lawn, IL
      01 Audi A4 1.8t, 08 Pontiac Torrent
      10-04-2012 08:38 PM #28
      I do it daily and hourly. You will be fine.
      < Dan >

      B5 Audi 1.8t

    4. Member shaykes's Avatar
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      Mar 18th, 2005
      2004 Saab 93
      10-04-2012 08:40 PM #29
      Can I make a broad generalization based on my experience?

      I enjoy turbo charged engines in daily drivers and they do better with automatic transmission or paddle shift; tuned Saab has an enjoyable whoosh at 3500rpm which is relaxed and easy to access, good for effortless passing in the 50-80 range.

      N/A feels better when you just wanna hop in and trash it with a stick trans; my vr6 mk2 just sounds so much better and makes you want to rev the car, it wakes up at 5k and is pretty quick in the 30-60 roll.

    5. Member Robski92's Avatar
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      Sep 26th, 2011
      Burlington, ON
      2003 Golf TDI
      10-04-2012 09:02 PM #30
      Buy a Integra Type R.

    6. Banned Fritz27's Avatar
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      Mar 8th, 2003
      1986 Legs and/or 2014 Blue Non-MANual European Turbo Hatch
      10-04-2012 09:05 PM #31
      Quote Originally Posted by King View Post
      I own a 400+hp B5 S4. It's a lot of fun, and quite addictive. As far as I was concerned, it was more than enough car for me. I say "was", because I've had an E46 M3 in my possession for about 4 days now.

      Although it is supposed to be making less power, I LOVE the way this thing moves. For the first time ever, I am contemplating switching to a BMW. I've never been head over heels for any of them, mainly because of the typical 3 series drivers douchy superiority complex most of them seem to have.....decisions, decisions......
      You're worried about douchey owners and you drive a B5 S4.

      Not sure if serious...

    7. 10-04-2012 09:09 PM #32
      I've wondered the same thing since my GTI is fairly quick and I think I'm getting spoiled. I think my next car will be more focused, like a Miata or BRZ, on the driving experience. Basically, what MFactor said.

    8. Member CTdubbin7's Avatar
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      Apr 15th, 2009
      Bethlehem CT
      2000 gti 6262 vrt
      10-04-2012 09:28 PM #33
      I have and always will be a forced induction guy. Even the ls motors which can be downright nasty n/a ,I LOVE to see with a blower or turbo. call me crazy

    9. Member landstuhltaylor's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 21st, 2011
      15 1.0L Fiesta, 02 M3, SCCA ESP Camaro, 09 Speed Triple
      10-04-2012 09:48 PM #34
      I've gone from a ~350whp Camaro to a 240whp Jetta, and now just this past weekend to an E46 M3. I do miss the rush when the turbo spooled, but I do not miss the lag when shifting. It's also nice to put my foot down at less than 2400rpm and actually go somewhere. Turbo cars out of their power band can be very frustrating at times and you don't have to deal with that in an NA car.

    10. Member Mathdiesel's Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 13th, 2005
      QC, Canada
      92 Jetta VR, 04 A4
      10-04-2012 10:00 PM #35
      Turbo's are laggy, no response...turbo's come on early and fall on their face...

      How about a right sized turbo for your application?
      The way they behave is a matter of sizing and compromise. You can't expect to get 600hp out of a 2L engine and have instant torque. Same as a small and fast spooling turbo won't make the huge power of a bigger turbo. Size your turbo(s) according to your engine and desired powerband and you won't look back.

      Of course, most stock turbo'ed car aren't build with same intent as high strung n/a, but that doesn't mean you can't have a snappy high revving machine with forced induction.
      Good work ain't cheap, Cheap work ain't good - Sailor Jerry

    11. Member turbinepowered's Avatar
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      Mar 18th, 2007
      Lubeland (KY)
      '86 Interceptor 700, '82 Quantum Coupe, Hyundai Elantra GT Daily
      10-04-2012 10:05 PM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by MylesPH1 View Post
      I've gotta say, though - for running around town in traffic, you might miss that low end grunt of the turbo. It's not just fun, it's more suited to modern driving, where you want that power right now.
      As someone who remembers when turbos were all about top end and turbo lag meant you weren't building power before 4k anyway...
      Quote Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
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    12. 10-04-2012 10:10 PM #37
      Came from a VRT to a 2.5 lol sucks.

    13. Member
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      May 12th, 2008
      Wakefield, MA
      2009 BMW 135i M-Sport
      10-04-2012 10:16 PM #38
      How on earth are you pulling 400hp/500tq out of an N55? I'm pretty sure this isn't possible yet.
      2009 BMW 135i M-Sport : Alpine White/Coral Red : N54 : 6-Speed Manual
      2006 Audi A3 2.0T DSG - SOLD

    14. Member kiznarsh's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 10th, 2007
      981 CS | E39 M5
      10-04-2012 10:18 PM #39
      I think the answer for me is no.

      Having that low-end torque is becoming a requirement for me since brisk city driving is what I do the most. Going from a turbo to a supercharger has been pretty fun since I don't have to wait till 4k RPMs yet don't have to deal with the lag either. Win win.

    15. Member rains's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 30th, 2008
      Sherwood Park
      1995 Saturn SW1
      10-04-2012 10:43 PM #40
      Well, I have 2 turbo charged cars.

      My 2000 GTI has a tiny turbo, and even with the stage II software and supporting hardware, it has very little top end power. Don't get me wrong, it's great for booting around town, as it spools pretty quickly and delivers relatively instant torque. But it just doesn't 'wow' me.

      My 93 Jetta, ABA-T with a t3/t04e, on the other hand, is a different beast. It doesn't spool until 4k rpms, but when it does, it goes like stink, and pulls hard to redline. Not great for a daily driver, but hilarious when it spools.

      Now, to compare either of these two to my previous car, a 95 Passat, with the Vr6 ... it's a different feeling. The Vr6 was torquey enough to make me laugh. But, it delivered instant power. So, to compare that to the GTI with the k03, I'd rather have the Vr6, but compared to the ABA-T, I'd rather have that, simply for the fun factor when it spools.

      I guess it really depends on what size/ style of turbocharged vehicle you are switching from back to NA ... is it tiny, or big?
      Quote Originally Posted by VadGTI View Post
      This thread is now about car cakes.
      Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Eddie View Post
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    16. 10-04-2012 10:49 PM #41
      I've been here a few times in my life. It's not easy to explain. Coming from over 20 cars, some NA (m3s) and some turbo charged (334whp TT, 135i, GTIs), it's really the car at hand. I'm very satisfied with my M coupe but it's not like I wasn't happy with my previous turboed cars either.

    17. Member Omnilith's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 15th, 2010
      Bay Area, CA
      2002 SVT Focus, 2000 Focus ZX3, 1966 Cortina, 1987 Dodge Charger, 1998 Tacoma, 1983 Plymouth Scamp
      10-04-2012 11:05 PM #42
      I transition back and forth from quite quick to extremely slow on a regular basis. I enjoy the variety.

      My quickest toy can get to sixty in the fives, and my slowest toy in over twenty seconds.

    18. 10-04-2012 11:06 PM #43
      you live in vegas dude. you need as much air rammed into the engine as you can get.
      Sent from Commodore 64

    19. Member
      Join Date
      Jan 3rd, 2000
      Oakland, CA
      2014 e350, 2007 LBP S2000, 96 gti vr6 turbo
      10-04-2012 11:08 PM #44
      Quote Originally Posted by SchnellFowVay View Post

      But I am curious if, for example, somehow on here has gone from a WRX to an S2000 and enjoyed it?

      I have a 500whp gti vr6 and a near-stock s2000. the s2000 is vastly more fun

    20. Member NoXenons's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 6th, 2012
      Various POSes in good mechanical condition
      10-04-2012 11:15 PM #45
      You need the low-end torque that V8 M3's and V10 M5's are deficient in. I prescribe a C63 AMG

    21. Member 1Point8TDan's Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 4th, 2003
      Calgary, AB
      D40 Frontier CC 4X4, 3BG Passat .:RS Variant
      10-05-2012 12:16 AM #46
      I don't plan on buying anything that does not have a turbo. Whenever I rev the Passat, it always brings a smile on my face.

    22. Member SchnellFowVay's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 20th, 2001
      Las Vegas, NV
      '17 STI Limited, Ross Edition
      10-05-2012 01:33 AM #47
      Quote Originally Posted by fs454 View Post
      How on earth are you pulling 400hp/500tq out of an N55? I'm pretty sure this isn't possible yet.
      Crank hp/tq.

    23. 10-05-2012 01:37 AM #48
      Horsepower is for people who can't drive.

    24. Global Moderator MylesPH1's Avatar
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      Aug 6th, 2000
      Los Angeles
      One E24, One W124, One P2
      10-05-2012 02:12 AM #49
      Quote Originally Posted by turbinepowered View Post
      As someone who remembers when turbos were all about top end and turbo lag meant you weren't building power before 4k anyway...
      Good point, let me be more specific - the OP had a 2.0T VW and an E92 3-series, they build torque early and often
      - A bunch of old, tough, unbreakable German iron
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    25. Banned Tiny4cyl's Avatar
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      Sep 5th, 2011
      '15 WRX Limited HK 6MT, '14 370Z Sport 6MT SRM, '99 Camry CE 4AT
      10-05-2012 02:39 AM #50
      op being faggy for bragging

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