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    Thread: Music Photography: How Does it Work?

    1. 10-04-2012 07:58 PM #1
      I've recently embarked on shooting photos for a small webzine that reviews new albums, artists, venues, etc throughout the world of alternative rock. It's been a blast working with these volunteer contributors/writers/music fanatics from around the country, and an even better time shooting photos at small shows in the DC area (I highlighted volunteer because anything submitted to the webzine; write ups, reviews, links, promos, etc is done so on a volunteer basis by a solid little crew of people).

      Anyway, I figured I would be a lot worse at music photography so I have a couple questions to clear up before things move further. The actual shooting is going quite a bit better than I originally thought it would and I’m getting a lot of referrals to shoot more shows in the area, so I want to protect myself while my name grows.

      The most important item:

      1.What type of an agreement should I have each band sign and what type of wordage should be included in said agreement?
      This is going to anger a lot of folks in here but I am not interested in collecting money from each and every band that I shoot. Some of these bands are just starting out and I figure everybody wins if I can get free entrance to the venue and a few complementary beers to sip on during the set while these hard working upstarts get a few usable photos to pass around. But, what I am interested in is keeping my name/copy write with the photo in case a label wants to use something for a promo/albumsleeve/poster/whatever someday down the road. Who knows, maybe one of these bands will make it big one day and I'll have the first photo taken with the original lineup or something?

      So in essence; it looks like I need two agreements. One that simply states the pro-bono nature of my coverage of a specific event, the ability of the artist to use those images for what they want, but explicitly states my continued ownership of the copy write.

      The second agreement is for paid gigs; I already have one that I used for other types of events. Can that be adapted to situation 1?

      I think I just answered my own question there but I am open to thoughts and recommendations anyway.

      I also managed to forget my other question but will update when it comes to me.

      Here's a link to a feature that used one of my shots as the lead-in (this band rocks btw):
      WVAU - Local Talent: Shark Week

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      This has to be my jam right now. If I had a few more subcontractors intothis type of **** the old lady would be done by now. Give me the kayak you know somebody is being a poseureur about.
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