VWVortex.com - Waiting for back rotors can I use my new pads on my old rotors without ****ing up the pads
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    Thread: Waiting for back rotors can I use my new pads on my old rotors without ****ing up the pads

    1. 10-04-2012 08:50 PM #1
      I know that the pad mates up to the back rotor. I have my new front rotors along with all my brake pads but the ECS back rotors are not estimated to arrive till Nov 8th. I was wondering if I could just use my pads for the back and not be overaggressive when I bed them into the old rotors. The pads are a ceramic Kevlar compound. I found back rotors through Adams Rotors but they are $100 more than the ECS slotted cross drilled and will still take two to three weeks to get to MI. So even if I can't reuse my back pads I can still get them shipped to me for free for about $66 so I still would save about $40 plus cost of shipping. I did just change my breaks a few months ago (the front rotor and pads) so those are bedded and new. I'm just upgrading to slotted cross drilled.

      Thanks for the help.

    2. 10-05-2012 09:06 AM #2

    3. Member VWBugman00's Avatar
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      10-05-2012 09:36 AM #3
      I think I'd just go get some cheapie pads (less than $20) from Autozone and run them until you get the new rotors from ECStuning. I don't know how much wear would really happen, especially on the back brakes, but I personally wouldn't bed them on a different rotor.
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    4. 10-05-2012 10:42 AM #4
      That is what I was thinking. Thank you for the reply!

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      10-06-2012 10:53 PM #5
      You can run them. Once you get your new rotors, take the pads and a sheet on 150 grit sandpaper and on a flat surface scrub the face of the pads until they're flat. I did this on my last set and it worked like a charm.
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