Hi I have an 88 16v Scirocco that came with an 020 FF transmission (which i like the gearing of very much) the previous owner had installed.

Last week the "auto fail...er adjusting" clutch cable that came with the car failed. I bought a manual cable replace it with, but when I went to install it I noticed the clutch arm on the front of the transmission had almost no tension on it. After consulting some more experienced friends and a local shop everyone agreed the likely culprit was the small arm that presses in on the throw out bearing.

Tonight I poped off the green cap expecting to find a bent or cracked arm and/or a mangled bearing to my surprise I discovered the push rod was barely peaking through:

This raised a red flag but I decided to test fit the new bearing anyway

With the new bearing in the arm that should be depressing it can barely make contact with it due to the push rod being so far recessed

Any idea what caused this? How can I fix it? Is there any chance of me not having to pull the transmission to sort this out?

All help appreciated!

I've been trying to do right by this car (progress so far http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...thread-88-16v) and correct all the previous owners wrongness, but funds are short right now and I'd really like to get this sorted out without having to fork over tons of loot to a shop.