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    Thread: HELP!! Lots of Missfiring, and Lean Mixture... GTI K04

    1. 10-05-2012 10:52 AM #1
      Hi everyone!, I´m having a very weird issue. At wot, car starts fine but when turbo spools low fuel pressure starts dropping, high fuel pressure drops also (can´t say wich one makes the other one to drop), and car starts to have lean conditions and missfiring badly at around 5,800rpms...

      Parts already Changed:

      Low fuel Pressure Pump
      Module that has on top of it.
      HPFP Cam Follower was pretty bad so changed for a new one.
      New Spark Plugs BKR7
      Fuel Filter.

      The only code is Low fuel Pressure

      Car Specs:
      2007 Golf GTI MKV
      Autotech HPFP
      APR K04 Software
      S3 Fuel Injectors
      S3 Turbo
      Twin Cooler
      KN Typhoon

      Car has being runing perfect for more than 1 year with this mods, the newer mod is the Twincooler but it would be impossible to think hat this can cause that, there are no Boost Leaks.

      Thank you everyone!
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