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    Thread: Total cost, stock to K04 with all APR including supporting much?

    1. 10-05-2012 11:56 AM #1
      I'm just curious what some people have spent, in parts alone not including install costs. You can have different support mod companies but normal performance all APR calculated. I know someone out there has kept a tally of their stuff.

    2. Geriatric Member Aonarch's Avatar
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      10-05-2012 11:59 AM #2
      It would be K04 Kit (Hardware/ Software), Stage II Clutch/ Flywheel, FMIC (APR, S3, etc), Downpipe.

      ^ Those IMO are the bare minimum to take advantage of it.

      Then recommended: Intake, wheels/ tires, catback.

      Probably a good $5k.
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    3. 10-05-2012 01:23 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Aonarch View Post
      It would be K04 Kit (Hardware/ Software), Stage II Clutch/ Flywheel, FMIC (APR, S3, etc), Downpipe.

      ^ Those IMO are the bare minimum to take advantage of it.

      Then recommended: Intake, wheels/ tires, catback.

      Probably a good $5k.
      Well I'm DSG so I don't need to clutch it up! I was thinking you need:

      BFG G force- - $650(approx?)
      APR INTAKE -$300
      APR INTERCOOLER-$800(Could find a used one)
      APR TBE- $1400

      Thats $7050 without even adding mounts in :-X.

    4. Member theharleyquin's Avatar
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      10-05-2012 02:49 PM #4
      Engine wise the minimum/expected requirements are downpipe, K04 kit/software, and intake. If you live in a cold area an intercooler is a possibility but at least an S3 intercooler is needed (I live in Florida so bigger intercooler would be a must for me).

      Of oucrse the price of downpipe and intercooler vary on brand.

    5. 10-05-2012 03:05 PM #5
      I have $10K invested & I still would like to upgrade the brakes & a few cosmetic mods. I have also done quite a bit of the work myself so I would imagine a few thousand more for labor. On the upside I am extremely happy with the car,the insurance is low & it remains under the radar when it comes to the police & tickets. My Mustang back in the day was a police magnet.
      2012 GTI APR K04

    6. Member
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      10-05-2012 03:53 PM #6
      As far as the must have mods are concerned, I've done everything except the K04 and clutch, and I think I'm close to $6k already. I'm on the fence about K04 or full Stage3, but I won't be back in the U.S. until April so I did everything else before I deployed building toward the turbo upgrade.

      I have forged BBS RE's (18x8 et35) that I got used and had refinished, so my total is $7.5k if you want to count those in as well. It's easy to get to $10k if you can afford to lol.

      A few smart phone pics:
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      Quote Originally Posted by nick0188 View Post
      Bounce off rev-limiter..slam second..bounce off rev-limiter..third..GONE. haha, K04 FTW

    7. Member WickedMatt02's Avatar
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      10-05-2012 05:27 PM #7
      Hmm, I spent: (close estimates)
      $2400 on the APR kit
      $950 on the DXD STG2 daily clutch
      $300 OEM S3 FMIC
      $250 on Carbonio intake
      $600 on the downpipe
      $4,500 without labor, tax, whatever.

      I run a stock catback, and it's plenty loud and aggressive sounding with a catless DP. It will NOT affect your numbers or speed. I have pulled on any K04 I've seen (albeit not much, but didn't get pulled on)

      Start collecting old beer cans
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