I think it would be beneficial to both the moderators, and the users if there were a couple of additions to the Events Section of the forums.

1. Create a "Pictures Sub-Forum" in the larger event forums. If it's easy enough, just create a template, for any event that VWvortex is going to sponsor, and open up a forum for.

2. Create a sticky thread in the pictures sub-forum for "Picture Requests". Leave it at the top, and moderate the threads that pop up as you have time. Many of the "picture request" threads that pop up are just guys that are tired of seeing them, and start creating new threads. It makes sorting through the event section of the forums harder, and from a planner's perspective, it makes it easier to miss a possible valid complaint or suggestion for improvement.

I for 1, would like to see this in at least SoWo, WaterFest and h2o.