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    Thread: Reflecting on cars

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    1. Member barry2952's Avatar
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      Jun 13th, 2007
      Farmington Hills, MI
      10-05-2012 05:06 PM #1
      After car shows I'll ego surf to see if anybody posted pictures of my cars. Two weeks ago we were in the Orphan Car Show in Riverside Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Someone sent me a 2 mb file of this picture of my car they found on the web. I put it on my photobucket account and found out it was huge.

      When I increased the size I was startled by the intensity of reflections in the front bumper. I zoomed in and found a pretty clear reflection of me, sitting in my show chair with by black show hat and Hawaiian shirt. The shirts are pretty standard fare in the old car arena, especial if you have a '50s car.

      I've seen some pretty awesome reflection shots in the Hot Schizz thread. Post the best reflection shots in your hoard of pictures.

      P.S. I did do a search of "reflection" and found no similar thread, yet, I thought I had seen one here recently.
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