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    Thread: FS: 1990 CQ 191k, Crystal Silver Rust Free!

    1. 10-05-2012 06:55 PM #1
      I am yet to find any substantial rust on this car. Aside from tiny dent near driver door lock, and light dent in driver's front fender the body is straight. Paint shows its age, but looks fine from any distance. The RS2 front bumper is not mounted correctly at all, and unfortunately I do not have the original bumper; the PO did the swap and was rid of it before I came along. I do however have mounts for original bumper.
      The odometer worked reliably until August, and now it will occasionally not work from a start (once you notice it not working you flick the cluster and it keeps working at least until the car is off... doesn't happen very often though). A couple weeks ago I also foolishly used a little too much force pulling on a lightbulb in the back of the cluster, which must've cracked some solder or something because the Tach stopped working right afterwards, as well as the MPG/Trip/Avg.Speed LED (it flashes on and off while driving). I plan to take apart the cluster very soon to see if I can't find the troubled spot and repair it.
      Passenger window doesn't work, also missing its switch. Speakers are garbage. Rear window wiper works when it's in a good mood. Cruise control is not hooked up under the hood. The rear locker does not actuate.
      Engine runs strong, though the ISV needs to be checked out- car drops/sometimes dies when letting off the throttle if it's at a higher temp.
      AWD works great of course.
      Has Rally Armor mud flaps all around.
      Exhaust is straight piped from the resonator back- no muffler.
      Car is lowered 1.25" on H&R springs
      Just installed new Bosch ignition wires last week - $200. Runs smooth. Also did an oil change with Mobil 1 full synthetic last week. I've only used mobil 1 full synthetic while I've owned the car. Also a new O2 sensor a couple months ago.
      It's been my DD off and on since October 2011. I've put over 6k on it, and never had any mechanical issues. I commute 50 miles each way now, and hate putting that sort of mileage on a car like this. If I could afford to own it and a DD I would. I'm not desperate to sell it by any means, but would happily let it go to a responsible owner for a fair price. I will also include a turbo & turbo manifold needed for the 20vt.

      I'm open to offers, and will consider trades, but I'll pass up anything much on the low side. Thanks for looking!
      Located in Olympia WA

      Lots of pics:

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      10-14-2012 06:45 PM #2
      how about a price range to start this thing off with.

    3. 10-19-2012 03:43 PM #3

    4. 10-22-2012 04:55 PM #4
      The car has been traded. Back to BMW for me! =D

      1984 533i

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