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    Thread: Inspired by the OLD thread, I made some improvements to FORGE diverter valve :)

    1. 10-06-2012 07:30 AM #1
      Back in 2007 you guys had a thread :
      My personal observations was in line to original poster to some degree. I felt delay in reaction time when use Forge larger valves.
      So, I had a major go on FORGE blow-off valve.
      I was chasing a phantom engine power flactuation during the throttle drop from WOT to 50-70% above 5000RPM. It would cause engine power to surge, very annoying.
      So, I machined a new lightweight piston (60% lighter) and cap with a larger nipple for bigger house. Also, reduced working volume of air under the cap by some 50%, by blocking off empty space inside piston.
      Result is smooth predictable power transition with much faster boost/vacuum transition. No more engine jerking as per above condition.

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      10-06-2012 02:10 PM #2
      that's pretty neat!

      I would love to see some logs between the normal forge unit and this.
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      10-06-2012 04:06 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Krieger View Post
      that's pretty neat!

      I would love to see some logs between the normal forge unit and this.
      I would like to see this also. Then give us a price point
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    4. 10-07-2012 01:41 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by Randomdub View Post
      I would like to see this also. Then give us a price point
      Logs - I cannot see the way to collect them. There is no sensor in the engine that will measure timing delay between throttle plate angle change and pressure drop BEFORE throttle body.
      Its VERY evident once you install new parts and watch boost gauge and get use to new throttle behaviour, there is no LAG there any more. It keeps impeller spinning as it releases pressure when needed instead of allowing it to rise between turbo and closed throttle plate for some short time while stock/heavy piston build up momentum and start moving.

      Cost - PM me if interested. But keep in mind, it's more than a cost of the whole Forge Valve
      Custom CNC machining in low QTY do not come cheap. I threat it as expensive R&D.
      BTW, you can buy new cap direct from FORGE with large feed nipple for much less.
      I wanted mine to have different finish for improved hand grip, so made my own. No reason to use it over Forge part really.
      You would only need this modification if you are:
      In competition Motorsport, when it matters
      If you are chasing OEM like behaviour with improved air flow of Forge Valve

      I bet you Forge can machine them to, if demand is there. It's nothing special really, other than time consuming to machine (read expensive).
      .:R32T, Stock Internals
      PT6265, SRI, 268/272, UM Tune @ 15PSI

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