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    Thread: Audi A1 1.5TFSI.

    1. 10-06-2012 08:46 AM #1
      Rumour has it that Audi will show a A1 with 1.5TFSI 3 cylinder engine and 130 hp - 200 Nm during the Geneva Auto show 2013.

      The 1.5TFSI 130 hp 3-cylinder engine will replace the 122 hp 1.4 TFSI 4-cylinder engine.
      It will use less fuel and have better CO2 numbers.

      It will go on sale the 2th quarter 2013 according to rumors.
      Nobody's Tomorrow is Guaranteed.

    2. 11-26-2012 03:25 AM #2
      The folks over at Audi bringing the whole new vision to the compact class with their brand-new Audi A1. It is yet another amazing piece of dimension coming from Audi in the market. Audi A1 is an example of folks behind Audi putting all their virtues of the brand into less than four meters of mechanics.
      The latest car from Audi is really dynamic, and full of the high-quality ride for average driver. Its design contains uncompromising elements, and quality. It shows the expression of its power with new enhanced technologies. Audi A1 is said to be another compact class sports car for the average user, as it powers pack an efficient engine.
      Majority of Audi A1 customer belongs from the urban cities, and therefore, Audi designed in with urban style interior and features. It provides extra efficiency on urban roads. It is very compatible with heavy city traffic and offers a high degree of utilities every day.
      The car truly expresses its high identity and belongings from the Audi family. It also contains the Audi traditional single grill front and the unique design arc roof to make it distinguish from other compact class SUVs like cars.

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