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    Thread: ABS ring install rear?

    1. Member dflemin4's Avatar
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      Jan 12th, 2011
      Vienna, VA
      1990 VW Corrado G60 BBM SC
      10-06-2012 04:07 PM #1
      Doing rear brake job. Is the abs ring supposed to spin freely from the rotor or is it supposed to be pressed on? Tapped on the top with rubber mallet. Doesn't look like there is anywhere for it to go into. A little help please.

    2. 10-07-2012 07:19 AM #2
      The abs ring dont need to spin,its spin with the brake disc.
      you have to remove the old ring from your old disc,or buy a new one,you need to install on the new brake disc,and this little ring dont spin or you cant remove with hands.So i mean it needs to be tight.
      I hope you understand sorry for my bad english
      here is a picture of my rear brake disc(if the ring seems bigger you need to grab a little hammer or someting to make it smaller to tight fit on the discs)

      Greetings from Hungary!

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