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    Thread: Feeler: 98 Porcelain Blue Jetta only 96k miles

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      10-06-2012 07:09 PM #1
      Edit: $6500 OBO

      Let me start off by saying I don't need to sell, but I am looking at getting a somewhat of a dream car for me. I can't have more than 2 cars
      1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 96k original miles CLEAN Colorado TITLE--- CALL OR TEXT David at 720-474-4708 or via email djsonicphe at yahoo.com or PM me! --- tambien hablo Español

      All work done by Gabe at Bluewater Performance (I have receipts available for those who are seriously interested) www.bwperformance.com

      -60k miles on the engine (top end rebuilt, new timing chains, guides, rails, all seals and gaskets replaced with mk4 metal headgasket)
      -Ready for boost
      -60k miles on transmission with stage 3 clutch

      ALL THE FOLLOWING PARTS ARE BRAND NEW or with 1000 miles to break in:

      -Just replaced spark plugs and wires last week 11/15
      -New tie rod ends, ball joint kit, and control arm bushings
      -Brand new Braille Racing battery weighing at 15lbs with hold down kit
      -Strut top bushing kit
      -Custom Bluewater Performance strut mount spacers
      -New rear passenger mount housing
      -New rear trans side Corrado G60 mount
      -New upper radiator hose with connector
      -New tune up (oil, spark plugs, pink euro spec antifreeze)
      -Engine mount spacers to raise engine from Euro Image Tuning
      -MK2 GLI trunk spoiler (not installed)


      -16x9 RARE RH AD Cups with adapters Toyo tires 205/40/16
      -TA Technix coilovers
      -Drilled and slotted front and rear rotors, fronts are bigger than stock
      -Neuspeed front strut bar
      -OG Neuspeed rear 3 point strut bar
      -C2 Chip
      -It's got a P-Flo short ram with no name filter
      -Borla Muffler (not full exhaust)
      -Smoked Glass Ecodes
      -Euro steering wheel, also have original wheel with airbag
      -Euro VR6 front lip
      -TT pedals
      -Brand new speakers all around
      -Amber/Red tail lights (have Smoked/Red tails as well)
      -I have 3 grilles for the car, just need color matching
      -Bumper and hood were new but never painted
      -99% rust free

      I have some rare OEM Euro parts, but that can be discussed for an additional price.
      -Brand new OEM Vento texture top front bumper cover
      -Brand new Van Wezel european radiator support
      -Brand new Votex Kanye Shades
      -Brand new FK Powerlook headlights
      -Votex long fogs
      -Brand New Euro Golf duckbill lip
      -Vento CL lip

      Body is straight and true, colour is Porcelain Blue Metallic which is rare
      I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, so I'll update as I remember

      ***IT MIGHT NEED A WINSDHIELD*** I might install if we agree on something serious
      It's got its cosmetic imperfections, paint would need addressing and that would take care of exterior
      As far as interior, driver's seat is ripped on the butt part and that is all I can think of

      I'm real easy to work with, you want the car perfect as far as paint and stuff, I can do that for you. I have not bothered as it has been a long term project in my eyes. But I have found another car I want as a base start for my plans. Basically, I have the same plans for another car.

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      10-09-2012 04:48 AM #2
      Please post an asking price per rules.


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