Her Civic EX was 8 years old, 100,000 miles. We pretty much never took it on trips because it was loud as hell on the highway (buzzy engine) and there was tons of wind/road noise.

And since I got a new car two years ago, I found kind of bad about her driving around in that old thing. But since her student loans will be paid off in December, and that would leave us with $400/month to play with, we decided to take the plunge. And we'll still have over $100/month left (after the car payment) to go into savings.

2013 Elantra Limited (didn't splurge for the tech package). Invoice was $21,215 and we got it for $21,600 including TTL/processing fee bla bla. Pretty good car for the money (leather, heated front AND rear seats, Bluetooth, moonroof, 17" alloys, fogs, etc).

Wifey loves it, so I'm happy