Looking into getting clear bra treatment for my new CW JSW and I am curious if my estimate from the place is in line with what anyone else has paid. The place I'm looking at has been doing this for 7 years and cut the patterns on site. They are a 3m dealer and use very high quality 3m films with a warranty against discoloration, bubbling, cracking or peeling on both the shield and window film for as long as you own the car.

Venture Shield paint protection film covering the bumper, hood, fender wing ends and side view mirrors is $675. (Is that reasonable? I have never looked into this but, given that it is my first white vehicle i'm a bit worried how beat up the front will look with rock chips)

Other wear and tear areas I might want to consider are;
the hatch ledge ($60)
the door cups ($20 per door).

I also am thinking of tinting it so they said it typically is $375 however if I were to shield and tint they would reduce that price to $299.

Thanks guys!