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    Thread: Nooshty Rabbit - Finally joining the family, officially!

    1. Member Vedubauman's Avatar
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      Sep 20th, 2001
      Marietta, GA
      '75 Rabbit, '81 Rabbit Pickup, '79 Scirocco, '10 4Runner
      10-10-2012 08:56 AM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by loopsnew View Post
      Hi Dave!! I want to! Steve gave me the stock wheels back ( they need some bead-blast loving) and he's looking for the stock suspension. I'm granny-modding the hell out of this baby!! Thanks for all the love! & Thanks again to Steve
      Stock suspension found! I also found the vent shades for you too!

    2. Member loopsnew's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2001
      '75 Rabbit, '12 .:RCC
      10-10-2012 11:15 AM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by Motörhead View Post
      Yo don't know me... I don't even think Nash does, (even creepier) I've just been around forever. Nice to meet you.
      Lol. Nice to meet you, too

      Quote Originally Posted by der hare View Post
      Welcome noosh! Love this car treat it well!

      Did I hear right? No lows?
      Thanks! & yeah, I just think rabbits at stock height are THE cutest thing! I want to get white walled tires, too Plus, high is the new low, didn't you hear?

      Quote Originally Posted by Iroczgirl View Post
      Sweet Mk1!

      All the rest is pretty darn nice too.
      Thank you!

      Quote Originally Posted by Vedubauman View Post
      Stock suspension found! I also found the vent shades for you too!
      Yay!!! That's awesome!! I have a list a Q's for you, too! And I decided to name her Lena Sue ( Lena after the Nun and Sue after "Suzy" that Natalie named her :p). I drove her again, today. Sooooo fun! She really does drive like a champ! Its crazy!

    3. Geriatric Member JUS_GT_EYEZ's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2001
      Green MK1, White Rocco, Red Mk2,Yellow Mk4,Grey Wagon
      10-10-2012 11:37 AM #28
      Welcome.. and I won't hold it agaist you that you are related to Nash.

      Nice collection you have there.
      "Its cool to spool, but I'd rather be blown.." - JUS_GT_EYEZ

      My FLickr <-- DUKEDLF

    4. Awaiting Email Confirmation the12for12's Avatar
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      Jul 21st, 2002
      ATL BWI
      10-10-2012 10:21 PM #29
      welcome Noosh

    5. Member Traffic Jam Zombie's Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 2001
      Seattle, WA
      75 Rabbit, 01 Cherokee, 07 FJ Cruiser,
      10-12-2012 04:57 PM #30
      YAY Noosh!!!
      Welcome back to your (VW) roots!

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