Hey guys,
I recently found an awesome product for degreasing my auto projects in preparation for paint. This is an Industrial Solvent which contains 100% Trichloroethylene (not to be confused with the toxic trichloroethane). It is not available for public sale in the United States due, in part, to the Montreal Protocol. You won’t find it on the shelf at any auto parts store. Review the wiki document for a lot more interesting info.

This Safety Solvent is far superior to the many degreasing products that I’ve used on my vehicles over many years (Gunk, Citrus based products, CRC ‘Lectra-Clean, Non-chlorinated Brake Cleaners, Walmart engine degreaser, Purple Power, Mean Green for example). My ’85 Golf will be painted in the near future so I’ve been using to give a thorough cleaning to the engine and undercarriage. I found this stuff on “clearance” at a local industrial chemical distributor I made a volume purchase (once I had purchased a couple cans to try out and discovered what it was). Aervoe list price for this stuff is over $12/can but only if you have a commercial account under which to purchase it.

Well, I ended up with a few cases more than I will use and thought I’d offer a good deal to forum participants here on the VW Vortex.

This is the offer: 6 large aerosol cans (20 oz each) of the best Industrial Degreaser and Electrical Solvent out there. Selling it in six can lots only. Shipping is free, to the lower 48 states.

The "NFP" stands for no flash point so it's much safer for electronics and electrical equipment. For example, my neighbor says it is the only product he can use safely to clean his pinball restoration projects. I've been using it to degrease the Golf in getting ready for paint. It removed all the leftover grease and grime that my “regular stuff” had not been able to penetrate.

Terms of Sale:
a) By purchasing this Aervoe Safety Solvent from me, you accept all responsibility for the product, its proper use, disposal and storage in accordance with local laws/regulations in your area once your product shipment has been delivered to, and accepted by, the shipping carrier of seller’s choice. (USPS or Fedex Ground are about the only way I ship) MSDS sheets are available on the Aervoe website if you need.

b) if you are in the Denver area, you may pick up at my home at an even lower price. Contact me for details.

c) for purchase out of the Denver area, payment may sent by mail and savings on paypal fees are reflected in a lower price (personal check, bank check, business check, cashiers check, USPS money order, 7-11 money order, well concealed cash). Product will ship upon cleared payment and you'll receive prompt, regular communication through the process.

d) payment via Paypal: send me your paypal ID and how many “lots” you want. I will send an invoice with all the details spelled out as to the order quantity, pricing and free shipping included per this listing and that it will be shipped with two business days of cleared payment with tracking info provided. This protects you and your payment and what it’s for. Your order will be shipped only to your confirmed paypal address.

e) PRICING: Each "Lot" is for a quantity of six (6) 20 ounce cans, brand new product.
1 to 3 Lots - $44 via paypal ($42 if paid through mail)
4 or more Lots - $40 via paypal ($38 if paid through mail)

If you are interested in getting some of this stuff, don't delay. Non-specific email messages will be deleted as Spam, such as “do you have any more?”