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    Thread: Leak in radiator on 2001 Passat 4Mo

    1. 11-14-2002 07:49 PM #1
      Has this happened to anyone else???Our 2001 Passat GLX 4Mo, which we've had for 2 years, and is out of waranty, sprung a leak in the radiator, where the tubes enter the header (drivers side/engine side). VW (dealer and VWA) did help in covering the cost of replacement, but it took a few calls with the dealer and a call to the VWA customer service folks. Radiators don't fail at 2 years old, and even VWA recognized that.

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      11-14-2002 09:47 PM #2
      Radiators don't fail at 2 years old, and even VWA recognized that.
      Apparently these ones do. My 2000 Passat had its rad replaced last year. The very experienced mechanic who did the work said he's seen the same kinds of failures in Audis with the same design of rad -- plastic tanks on the ends with metal tubes in the middle. FWIW, he felt they were all manufacturing defects because of the problem of mating plastic to metal. Mine was leaking, but only when the engine was hot -- when the plastic and metal expanded different amounts. The leak was very obviously right where plastic and metal met.

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