VWVortex.com - 06 Audi A3 DSG drive flange oil seal bad? Can I replace?
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    Thread: 06 Audi A3 DSG drive flange oil seal bad? Can I replace?

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      Jan 9th, 2002
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      10-08-2012 09:21 PM #1
      So I have some noise from the front end sometimes, when warm, and decelerating at less than 10mph with the front wheels turned. It sounds like a very bad CV joint, but has for a while. The left side shaft is new a few months ago. The right is original. No torn boots. When I look at the right inner joint, I see green grease oozing out, and it has splattered in a nice line on the inside of the heat shield. I have had car washes, so the grease must be new.

      My Mk2 VW experience tells me I might have a blown drive flange seal, and that expensive DSG fluid is washing the grease out of my right inner CV joint. Possible? Wonder if my DSG level is low.

      I am due for my first fluid change now, so its a good time to look.

      ...and put in the front sway bar, and xenon bulbs, and outside temp sensor....

      Thanks for any and all help.

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