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    Thread: 2000 Jetta/Bora Auto Gearbox problem??

    1. 10-08-2012 10:19 PM #1
      Hi guys, have a bit of a problem with the 4 speed auto in my 2000 VW bora/jetta.

      Went to drive the car the day after taking it to a mechanic for something unrelated and could not really find any gears.

      Going down the gearstock the gears are out of alignment, example Drive is park reverse if neutral ect.

      if i go all the way down to gear 1, this indicates on the dash as being gear 3 and going up all the gears engage Position 1 = gear 3, Position 2 = gear 3, Position 3 = gear 3, Position d = drive, Position n = neutral, Position r = reverse and Position p = park.

      Going down however, few gears engage and they are all over the place. The car drives fine except except for the slight hesitation/hold for split second too long from 2nd to 3rd which it has been doing since i bought the car.

      Thinkingf maybe something to do with teh linkage perhaps except not too sure how this operates on an auto compared to a manual which i know is a common failure amongst some cars

      Car has 110,000 kilometres (around 70,000 miles)


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      10-09-2012 10:57 AM #2
      have a helper move the shifter while you are under the hood looking at the linkage.
      Auto trans fluid change or flush will not make a trans fail. Stop spreading the wives tale/urban myth.
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