VWVortex.com - 2.0 MK4 Golf Auto Wagon Randomly stops, then won't start for a while.
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    Thread: 2.0 MK4 Golf Auto Wagon Randomly stops, then won't start for a while.

    1. 10-09-2012 12:50 AM #1
      Hi. I have a 2001 2.0 auto Golf wagon which has just begun to randomly stop, then not start again for about 30 minutes, then it starts. So far it only happens once the car has been running for 30 minutes or more, then when waiting at the lights it just stops then won't start again for about 30 minutes. I'm guessing it is heat related and the engine heat soaks at the lights then won't start till it cools down. So far the engine hasn't stooped while the car is moving, but has happened a couple of times when the car has been parked for a short time with the engine off, it won't restart, which makes me further believe it it heat related. As it is intermittent I have not been able to replicate the problem for fault finding purposes, it tends to happen mostly when my girlfriend is driving it. I have replaced the spark plugs (they were stuffed) the coolant temperature sensor (it was stuffed too) and the thermostat which was also stuffed. Neither of these have alleviated the fault. I just put a new ignition coil in and the car has been fine for a few days and I thought it might have fixed it, but it has come back again today. I'm now a little unsure what to try next. When I say the car won't start, it cranks but does not fire. As I haven't been able to get it to stop when I have tools handy I can't say for sure whether it is fuel or ignition related, but it does seem something electrical is letting me down. The Immobilizer light on the dash doesn't stay on when the key is in so I guess that rules it out and the fuel pump still primes when the key is turned off then on. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that may be able to help, they would be most appreciated, I am getting set to pull my hair out! Thanks for reading my novel.

      Frustrated, Glen.

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      10-09-2012 01:49 PM #2
      Scan for codes.

      What does "stuffed" mean?
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    3. 10-11-2012 12:20 AM #3
      Had exactly same problem. Crank angle sensor. Made of a coil of copper wire wrapped around a magnet. At high temperatures, the copper wire gets stressed over time and fractures.

      Get a new one.

    4. 10-14-2012 03:05 AM #4
      Thanks for the replies. I have ordered a cable to get the codes from the car. It happened again today and I was able to check for spark and it wasn't firing, so I have eliminated the fuel system. Stuffed means broken beyond use. The spark plugs had pretty much eroded their tips off, the coolant temp sensor was causing the temp to randomly drop on the gauge in the dash and once that was fixed I noticed the thermostat wasn't regulating properly on the highway and the temp would drop. Hence they were all stuffed. I was thinking the crank angle sensor next, if it isn't expensive, I'll change it in a day or two. If it is I'll wait till the cable arrives and scan for codes....

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