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    Thread: What's so lackluster about the 370Z?

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      10-10-2012 09:04 AM #11
      Quote Originally Posted by Ben010783 View Post
      The Z also weighs less and has a shorter wheelbase. I'm guessing that translates to a better driving feel that is hard may not come across when using numbers. That's probably just a personal preference though; like wanting the rumble of a V8.

      Impressive times for the Z. I wasn't aware that it was actually that fast. However, if you're going by Motor Trend numbers, the current Mustang GT is about a half second quicker in the quarter mile. And on several different occassions, C&D has demonstrated that the Mustang GT is quicker than either the regular Z or Nismo version around a road course.

      Certainly things like feel and looks are far more subjective. I can certainly appreciate someone preferring the looks and drive of a Z over any of the other performance coupes between say, $28k and $35k. I may have been one of them if not for the ludicrous price of the Z.
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