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    Thread: 18x8.5 or 9.5? et25? et35? mkiv gli, helpp!

    1. n00b
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      Aug 20th, 2012
      San Francisco, CA
      10-10-2012 10:00 PM #1
      Hopefully picking up some cast Rotiform NUEs soon, but not sure what offset to get!

      definitely want 18's..

      They come in: 18x8.5 et35 or et45
      and 18x9.5 et 25 or et35

      any advice or photos of what any of the above look like on a mkiv jetta/gli?

    2. Member Davespeed's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2004
      The VR farm.....
      10-12-2012 12:12 AM #2
      Depends..... Air or coilovers? Looking for 9.5" all around or staggared?

      I'm on 9.5" et25 all around. H&R coilovers with helper spring removed up front. I had to run et25 up front to clear the coilover. I have about a 2mm clearance. If you want to run staggared go with et35 front and et35 rear.

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