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    Thread: Coolant Gauge Overheat Light Blinking! Coolant level Not Registering! HELP!!

    1. Member Volkswageneer1990's Avatar
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      Dec 18th, 2009
      Dallas, TX
      1990 Jetta GLI 16VG60; 1990 Golf GL
      10-11-2012 09:17 PM #1
      Okay, so I have a newly installed Digifiz in my 1990 GLI 2L 16v. It is a CE2 specific Digifiz.

      For purposes of troubleshooting, please treat the Digifiz as a 1989 16v Cluster!

      For the Digifiz, the coolant gauge functions two ways, to display coolant temperature, and to warn of low coolant level.

      However, ever since I first installed it, the guage has been blinking LIKE CRAZY. Which under normal operations indicates an overheating temperature. But the engine is not overheating at all.

      Also, when the coolant is low in level, the display also flashes. But the flashing does not occur across the entire gauge. The temperature of the coolant can flash when the coolant is low.

      I have followed a Post-89 Digifiz Guide that I have in testing and what not.

      Here is what it had to say about the coolant gauge (it's originally in French, but here is google translate's version):

      Quote Originally Posted by Le Digifiz
      The T ° display, in addition to displaying the temp of the water motor alarm is also in two cases: T ° is too high, or
      water level in the circuit is low. In this case, the display is flashing 1 second it displays the
      temperature reading and a second bar it displays the full, etc ... chills guaranteed when it starts to blink!

      You can test these two cases alarm
      To simulate excessive temperature, bridge probe temp water on the head pipe exit (next to the probe
      blue). Make a bridge with a piece of wire.

      On the display, the temperature should rise gradually (as would a needle of an analog meter)
      to reach the red zone. When it reaches the red zone, full bar flashes. Remove the bridge
      and after a few seconds the display stops flashing and the reading resumes a normal place.
      Second test, disconnect the contactor water level in the expansion tank.

      After 7 seconds, the bar must be flashing T °! This even if the T ° is in the area of
      normal operation! Small feature for cars after 89 (new fuse boxes): it is necessary
      to install over 43 slot 5 on the board. This relay is also on the models before 89, but a
      separate mounting, the relay being fixed above the plate fuse.

      I have searched a long time before figuring out how it works, and why my temp bar does not blink when I
      disconnected level switch! I thought the relay, but not this:
      When you look at the diagram, with a block-meter needle reaches the level switch on the terminal C8
      platinum fuse, while for the Digifiz, must arrive at the terminal C6! Therefore put this thread correctly

      When you connect the switch level, it takes about 7 seconds for the flashing stops (to
      provided that the water level is good of course)
      Note: T ° probe, it does not change, it is the same for both circuits (analog, digital)
      I have also followed the testing procedures as described by the Bentley manual. I grounded the coolant temperature sensor wire. But the coolant did not rise gradually as described above. Instead, the entire gauge began to blink.

      I am at a complete loss of what to do.

      I attempted to direct wire it. I made a bridge from the coolant temp sensor wire to the wire going to the Digifiz which in this case is U1/11 (see wiring table below). Here are pictures of that.

      Here is the tap which is connected to wire G2/3 (yellow/red):

      Here is the other side of the tap which is connected to U1/11 (yellow/red):

      That didn't fix it either!

      Then I went on and tested continuity.

      I started with checking that there was signal going from the engine bay sensor to G2/3. Below is the value I got:

      Then I went on to test if my bridge was getting voltage. Below is the value I got for that:

      Next was to check voltage at U1/11. Here is that value:

      Finally, I decided to check voltage at U2/09 which is the low coolant sensor wire. Here is the value I got for that:

      To MAKE SURE! This is the Coolant Temperature Sensor on a 16v right??

      To end, here is the wiring table according to Le Digifiz. Again, translated by google translate:

      Quote Originally Posted by Le Digifiz
      Terminal Wire color Digifiz role relay terminal board
      WK T7 / 4 Blue LED charging alternator U2/12
      WL T7 / 4 Brown Mass U1/10
      SL T9 / 1 Purple / Black Fuel Gauge U1/12
      SL T9 / 6 gray / blue lighting control U1/14
      WL T7 / 7 White / Blue Speed ​​vehicle speed sensor signal
      SK T9 / 4 Red + permanent U2/11
      SK T9 / 9 Grey / Green LED sidelight K / 5
      WL T7 / 1 White / Green LED defrost K/12
      WK T7 / 1 Green / White LED rear fog K/10
      SL T9 / 9 White / Yellow front fog lamp P / 1
      WK T7 / 2 Blue / White LED low beam U2 / 7
      WL T7 / 2 Black / White indicator flashing left K / 1
      WK T7 / 3 Black / Green LED flashing right K / 7
      SK T9 / 8 Yellow / Blue water level signal U2 / 9
      WL T7 / 3 Grey indicator handbrake U2/10
      SL T9 / 7 Black + after ignition U1 / 4
      WK T7 / 6 Grey / Red To Module setting Module Terminal 6 hours
      WL T7 / 5 Grey / Yellow To Module setting Module Terminal 4 hours
      SK T9 / 5 Brown / White Weight U2/13
      WL T7 / 6 Grey / Black Commodo MFA (Reset) U2/14
      SL T9 / 8 Blue / Yellow Commodo MFA (Memory) U2 / 8
      WK T7 / 5 Red / Black Commodo MFA (Mode) U2 / 4
      SK T9 / 3 Blue / Black Switch oil pressure 0.3 bar U1 / 5
      SL T9 / 5 Yellow oil pressure switch 1.8 bar U1 / 3
      SK T9 / 1 White / Red Outdoor temperature sensor U1 / 2
      SL T9 / 2 Green / Black temperature sensor oil U1 / 1
      SK T9 / 2 Yellow / Red water temperature sensor U1/11
      WK T7 / 7 Green Pulse ignition U1 / 6

    2. Member Volkswageneer1990's Avatar
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      Dec 18th, 2009
      Dallas, TX
      1990 Jetta GLI 16VG60; 1990 Golf GL
      10-14-2012 06:58 PM #2

    3. Member Volkswageneer1990's Avatar
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      Dec 18th, 2009
      Dallas, TX
      1990 Jetta GLI 16VG60; 1990 Golf GL
      10-16-2012 09:10 PM #3

    4. Member Estacaco's Avatar
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      Oct 9th, 2010
      Dryden, Ontario. Canada
      92 Jetta TD, 90 Golf 1.8L, 93 Golf 1.8L
      10-16-2012 10:13 PM #4
      I don't think very many people have experience with Digifiz. I don't see it often at all in the forums. My standard cluster has a blinking coolant light indicating low coolant. I'm told the only way to fix it is to replace the coolant bubble as the sensor is built into the coolant bubble.
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    5. Member Volkswageneer1990's Avatar
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      Dec 18th, 2009
      Dallas, TX
      1990 Jetta GLI 16VG60; 1990 Golf GL
      11-12-2012 12:25 AM #5

    6. Member justinhannoldVW's Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2009
      89'Helio jetta"now" 87' Toyota 4x4 22r"now",91'jetta,gone,00'passat,gone,'90 jetta,gone
      12-20-2012 07:54 PM #6
      I also have the same problem on a 89' Helios jetta. Update if you find what it is cause i can't figure it out either.

    7. n00b
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      Dec 22nd, 2010
      Golf 2, 1986, 1.6 EZ, Pierburg 2E2, automatic
      04-01-2013 06:54 PM #7
      Hi Volkswageneer1990,
      the problem is solved? In my opinion there is nothing complicated. If you have any questions, ask me.

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