VWVortex.com - 521whp STOCK motor BRZ - VIDEO
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    Thread: 521whp STOCK motor BRZ - VIDEO

    1. Member MVJ1975's Avatar
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      Aug 10th, 2012
      Woodbridge, VA
      2013 Scion FR-S
      10-13-2012 11:03 PM #51
      I *do* own an FR-S and this isn't for me. I'm impressed with it, but it's not something I'm interested in putting on my car.

      Now the Vortech supercharger, that has my interest piqued.

    2. Awaiting Email Confirmation Tommi's Avatar
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      Jul 1st, 2005
      10-14-2012 03:04 AM #52
      Quote Originally Posted by compy222 View Post
      stock engine internals are an indication of overall strength of motor and parts. there are plenty of stock block Evo's and S2000's in this hp range too. it more has to do with proper fuel and boost delivery with good computer control. most modern engines are pretty heavily overbuilt. with that being said, this isn't a car that will take you to and from work everyday for the next 100k miles with no issues. still impressive though.
      I'm well aware of what you wrote. OP should have put it "stock internals" or something not "STOCK motor". You mentioned it too - pretty much any modern car may put that kind of power for a while.

      Inflation: used to be "big turbo BRZ 521 whp!" and now it is "521 whp STOCK motor BRZ"

      That car has almost everything done except internals. Porting or polishing doesn't change parts - I wouldn't still call those STOCK or even stock...

      Disclaimer: I live in a country where chipping turbo engine is legally the same as changing engine...

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