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    Thread: 1988 mk2 Scirocco Just getting started

    1. 10-13-2012 11:19 PM #1
      Good evening everyone,

      This is my first post on this site as this is the first Volkswagen I've purchased. I responded to a craigslist ad for the 1988 mk2 1.8l 16v to get some more information. The gentleman's asking price was $1550. The car has been sitting for quite some time. The seller said the engine went some time ago, and the car had been sitting at a autoshop where his mechanic friend had been employed. So the seller was filtering the mechanic money to finish the car in his spare time. When the mechanic left the autoshop on bad terms, the seller had to fight tooth and nail to get his car back.

      When it was finally returned to him, he posted it on CL and has no idea where the mechanic left off in replacing the engine.

      I went to look at the car and it has either had a leak in the sunroof or it sat with the windows down because the inside is covered in mildew. The body is in very nice shape minus a dent in the drivers side door. There's no rust in the floor of the car or the engine compartment.

      The motor is sitting in the car, it just has yet to have everything hooked up to it. I have been devouring the Bentley manual that came with the car to familiarize myself with this new engine.

      I do consider myself to be mechanically inclined, but I've never worked with CIS injection before.

      I have a Volvo 240 turbo that I have worked on for the past two years. I've replaced the NA engine in it with a turbocharged version of itself. I am definitely ready to take on a new project but I expect to need help from a generous community.

      I plan on cleaning the interior of the car first so I can at least sit in it and pretend to drive it. It is all black leather which is in surprisingly good condition minus the mildew all over. I've cleaned up the seats well, but the door panels and other trim pieces are not coming as quickly.

      I then hope to get the engine squared away so I can drive it about and familiarize myself with this car. I want to get to a reliable stock configuration before jumping into any other ponds.

      This is more of a introduction post to say hello to everyone, but I know I will need help. At least until I know if my harness is even compatible with the engines current state.

      I don't know where exactly the engine in it came from or out of, so I'm sure there may be switch or electrical inconsistencies between my engine and my wiring harness.

      Here is a photo of the scirocco. I will get post more pictures of the car as I go along.

      Thanks a million, and it will be nice to meet all of you.
      John Smith
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      10-14-2012 12:11 AM #2
      Congrats on the scirocco! I see you did your research and covered the 2 major rules of the scirocco forum. You posted a picture without asking and you made reference to your bentley manual to let us all know you have one. Looks like you are going to fit right in. you will find the scirocco forum is a extremely knowledgeable and friendly community. Look forward to watching the progress on you scirocco. Keep us all up to date. Welcome!

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      10-14-2012 05:30 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by John.Smith View Post
      I plan on cleaning the interior of the car first so I can at least sit in it and pretend to drive it.
      Reminds me of how i started my Scirocco escapade! I have probably spent more time in that drivers seat pretending than i have been at the wheel of that darn car. And let me tell you it has been more than i was expecting!

      You are going to love that car, and there's good help on these forums. You'll be up and going in no time!
      1983 Scirocco (Marcie "Red") 1984 Scirocco (Meryl)

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